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July 2017

I was fortunate enough to attend a Lumina Spark workshop which was conducted by Linda O’Donnell of Zenith Consulting Services Ltd.  The workshop encompassed many topics which I found of great use from both an individual and team perspective.  Linda’s natural ability to engage with her audience and to create an open and honest learning environment, made it easy for everyone to participate and learn.   The structure was clear, logical and effective and Linda always took time to explain the key concepts in an easy to understand manner.  

I particularly enjoyed the one to one ‘follow up’ session after the workshop as it was extremely useful to drill down on my personal results with a professional practitioner.  Linda’s valuable insight and pragmatic analysis has encouraged me to self-reflect and to use the Lumina Spark tools and techniques as I move forward in both my personal and professional life.

 I would highly recommend the Lumina Spark Workshop for anyone wishing to develop themselves or their teams.  Thank You Linda! 

Tina McGregor BA (hons) TQFE Pgc

Organisational DevelopmentDirector

TCM Total Solutions Ltd

Lumina Spark

August 1, 2017

I set aside half an hour or so, to tackle the 100+ questions for the Luminaspark personal portrait which were fun and thought provoking.
The resulting detailed report was informative and insightful, indicating character strengths and behaviours, (some of which others have mentioned) but here they all are, the cold facts in black and white, (with coloured charts). The awful truth clearly presented with a coloured splash.
Delving into the report of my persona, uncovers another aspect I had not realised, a critical factor, is it a strength, strategies for dealing with people, complementary skills and future development.
The supporting workshop highlighted the thinking, priorities and qualities of the individuals in the group, how we behaved and might responded to scenarios posed. This was particularly informative, to see how the judgement and opinion of others can be quite different from your own. How can they be so far away ? Especially when you are right, because you are perfect !
The personal 121 with Linda was an opportunity to ask specific questions and give feedback on the report content.
In conclusion the Lumina Spark self awareness exercise is highly recommended, educational, and instructive, in turning a mirror on yourself to see your traits, you can see how your persona and qualities can strengthen a team mix.
Dave Summers, Mechanical and Structural Engineering Professional

A role my company secured recently was to create and deliver a 12 week programme in Entrepreneurship. Part of the programme involved the use of Lumina Spark. Linda was selected amongst competition, to deliver a series of workshops to the 20 highly experienced and senior individuals from within the Energy sector. Linda presented her company in the highest level of professionalism and created a series of workshops that were stimulating, informative and highly impactful. She is an extremely motivated individual who excels at driving Lumina Spark and making a difference to individuals and business alike. Linda is especially recommended to you bringing an unquestionable level of professionalism with a sprinkle of fun to the ‘party’. David Chalmers Christie FCMI, August 2017.

I started working with Linda in January of this year as I was looking for some help to overcome a fear of public speaking but, the process has included so much more. 

We met regularly and, with the help of the Lumina Spark profile, we identified my strengths and also the areas I could improve on. Meeting with Linda made me realise that I had hidden strengths and talents and that I shouldn’t question my abilities as much as I do. She set me goals and targets and being accountable to someone made me push myself and deal with fears in a way I wouldn’t have done without her support. 

Having worked with Linda in this way, I cannot stress enough how professional she has been throughout. She is obviously passionate about the work she does and loves helping people. She has been supportive and approachable but has also challenged me. I definitely feel I have grown in confidence, both as an individual and professionally, whilst working with Linda and would encourage anyone looking for coaching to give Linda a call!

Jeanette Lowe, Red Balloon PA, October 2017.

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