As a Business Psychologist my aim is to improve the workplace performance and effectiveness of individual and organisations across public, private and charity sectors. I do this by creating bespoke psychology based interventions, developed from current research, which are highly motivational as well as fun. I use the Explor Model to help develop the interventions to meet my client’s requirements.

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An area which I am extremely passionate about is psychometric assessment. I feel that these are great tools to enhance personal development, team development, leadership and recruitment. I am accredited to deliver Lumina Spark which is a professional development tool supporting individuals, teams and organisations to improve effectiveness and to develop self-awareness. I am also qualified to deliver User Test Ability and User Test Personality (Formerly level A and B).

I am currently Careers Liaison for the Division of Occupational Psychology Scotland and a member of the British Psychological Society. This involves meeting students in schools and universities to promote occupational psychology as a career.

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