We make a positive difference to how people work.

We’re experts in using workplace psychology to enhance performance and employee effectiveness. We work with your team to offer leadership development opportunities that include: coaching, psychometric assessment, team facilitation and 360 peer review.

We’ve supported teams and individuals across many sectors, and always deliver a bespoke solution to address the challenges they face by delivering the support they require. We use the latest research to create occupational psychology-based solutions, that support personal, organisational and cultural change.

Our approach is based on real-life evidence, and our methods are highly motivational and engaging.

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Meet the team

Linda o'Donnell Zenith Consulting

Linda O’Donnell – Business Psychologist

Linda believes that every person can make a positive impact, for themselves and their workplace.

Linda is driven by a sincere curiosity to understand the challenges that companies face, diagnose the problem and support its workforce to overcome barriers to success, by designing and delivering the right solutions.

An experienced psychology practitioner, Linda has worked with large multi-national organisations, business leaders and SMEs, and she is one of only a handful of people accredited to use the Lumina psychometric tool in Scotland.

As the Careers Liaison for the Division of Occupational Psychology Scotland and a member of the British Psychological Society, Linda is an active advocate of developing the young workforce and regularly meets students to promote occupational psychology as a career. Her commitment to youth development includes delivering employability workshops at secondary schools, as well as mental health awareness workshops in a school setting.

In touch with her inner teenager, Linda loves a hashtag! Nothing gives her greater pleasure than supporting people to #bethebest, regardless of age and experience.

Originally from Glasgow, Linda now lives in Aberdeen with her two children. Always a woman ready for a challenge, she has recently taken up running again and has set a personal goal to run half-marathon events across Europe, starting in Stockholm.

Stephanie Snade - Business Psychologist

An experienced leadership development professional, Stephanie has worked senior teams across the UK and internationally. Her aptitude for applying scientific people-centred solutions to a range of business problems includes: individual coaching and mentoring, organisational development programmes, and behavioural safety specific training.

Paula Louise Dixon - Business Psychologist

Paula’s passion lies in recruitment, selection and assessment, career coaching and organisational development. Paula prides herself on practically applying evidence-based research to optimise the workforce and delivers tangible and meaningful results for the organisations she works with.

A University of Leicester graduate, with a distinction in her Occupational Psychology Masters, Paula is qualified in reporting occupational test user feedback.

David Christie – Founding Consultant

As an ex-Military Officer in the Royal Air Force, David now facilitates human factors and behavioural safety events around the world for companies committed to safety leadership. He has delivered behavioural-based safety programmes and cultural change programmes to over 18,000 individuals, in in over 60 countries, during the past 11 years.

"In conclusion the Lumina Spark self awareness exercise is highly recommended, educational, and instructive, in turning a mirror on yourself to see your traits, you can see how your persona and qualities can strengthen a team mix."